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23 Jan 2019

        On the 22nd of January 2019, the General Director of “Uzbekkino” National Agency Furkat Zakirov met with the manager of Japanese “Korelafilm”, producer Arthur Veeber, who is on a visit in Uzbekistan now. At the meeting, the parties held negotiations for further enhancement of cooperation of Uzbekistan and Japan in cinematography. The Head of the Department of the National Agency Uzbekkino for Topical Planning of Cinema Projects and Monitoring of Film Producing Processes Olim Davlatov, Head of the Department for Developing International Relations Umid Zunnunov and a number of film directors and cinematographer also took part at the meeting. The Manager of the “Korelfilm” Arthur Veeber addressed to the General Director of national Agency Uzbekkino Furqat Zokirov and invited the movie studios of the Agency for producing fiction and social-political films jointly with Japanese film companies.

      The parties also agreed on further development of relation in cinematography within the cooperation activities between the two countries and on implementing several projects in cinematography.

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